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Bees play a crucial role in our food chain and in the survival of many of our wild plants and trees, pollinating them as they go from flower to flower gathering nectar and pollen. It is this nectar which they turn into honey inside the hives which is much sought after as a healthy wholesome food. As it has been for thousands of years.

It is not just honey the bees produce, their wax, which they make their honeycomb from, is also used in cosmetics and things like furniture polish and candles.


About me

I came to beekeeping through my love for the outdoors, desire to conserve nature and interest in the slow food movement. Beekeeping encompasses all of these. It is so important we re-establish the lost face-to-face connection between the food producer and the consumer and for people to know both where their food comes from and that it is being produced in a sustainable eco-friendly way. Community involvement and service is at the core of everything I do.

Bees are not just insects; they are vital pollinators that play a crucial role in the sustainability of our ecosystems and agriculture. Beekeeping allows us to not only appreciate the intricate lives of these remarkable creatures but also to actively contribute to their preservation.

Sadly, as we are all too aware our planet is suffering from the results of our own lifestyle choices, and we see very destructive climate changes effecting our beautiful countryside and the insects and animals in it. I want to do my bit for the environment and see beekeeping as a fantastic opportunity to do something positive.

I am doing this by seeking hosts who are prepared to provide a part of their land for the siting of beehives. Each site is known as an apiary and by increasing the number of apiaries over the next few years in my corner of the UK I aim to significantly build the number of bees providing pollination in the surrounding areas and at the same time helping to build and strengthen local ecosystems. This in turn helps plants and other wildlife to flourish and for us all to lead a healthier and happier life.

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